Inspirational Journeys

No matter how useful a project is, it becomes futile if it fails to reach its potential beneficiaries.

In order to enable as many young migrants as possible to take advantage of what ME4Change has to offer, we are producing a series of encouraging videos featuring accomplished migrant entrepreneurs based all over Europe. They will not only be sharing their personal journeys and information about their businesses, but also provide a plethora of useful tips for migrant entrepreneurs-to-be.

Be inspired, and we look forward to hearing about your entrepreneurial journeys!

No. 1: Malakeh Jazmati

To kick off our series, we’re visiting Syrian gourmet chef Malakeh Jazmati in her kitchen in Sharehaus Refugio, Berlin.

Before fleeing the civil war in Syria, Malakeh was an accomplished TV presenter in her home country, putting her cooking skills on display in daily shows featuring mouthwatering recipes. Now, she runs a successful catering business, Levante Gourmet, in Berlin, and regularly cooks at company events, private parties and big cultural occasions.

Special thanks to Na’ama Landau, our talented director, and to Refugio for providing the location.

No. 2: Adil Azzab

Meet Adil Azzab, a filmmaker from Morocco who migrated to Italy in order to reconnect with his father.

Adil's journey has been perilous, sad and exciting, an experience which he has chronicled in his award-winning film "My name is Adil". Having won awards at more than 20 film festivals, Adil is now sharing some more information about the process behind making the movie with us to inspire more creative young migrants to consider a career in the arts.

You can get more info about his film here:

No. 2: Barun Bhasyat

We are very excited to share with your our Third Inspirational Journey video and introduce to you the migrant entrepreneur, Barun Bhasyal.

Barun is a Nepalese, who moved to Finland more than a decade ago, first completing a Computer Science degree at university before founding Smartmobe. Besides running his own software company, he inspires and helps others to succeed too!

“The world is full of opportunities if you just work hard, are willing to learn fast and seize the opportunity when it arises.”

No. 4: Sumookan

We are very excited to share with your our Fourth Inspirational Journey video and introduce to you the migrant entrepreneur, Sumookan.

Sumookan is one of the five founders (all of them are Sri Lanka Tamilis) of the company, All-Rounders, which is based in #Finland. All of the founders are still working in the company and planning to grow it in the future too.

We wanted to produce a video from a company that have really taken the opportunity in their own hand. All-rounders was founded by dedicated and hard working team with willingness to work hard. 
Contrary to many planned businesses they have actively looked opportunities in their own surroundings and created their reputation by being honest, confident and reliable.

All-rounders is a good example of the importance of the attitude towards taking initiative and willingness to create something own.

Video demonstrates that everyone has an opportunity and there are opportunities waiting if you just search for them and are willing to take them.

Creating a good reputation is a must in business climate and will lead to bigger opportunities in the future. 
Their story demonstrates that the things you do matter more than where you came from.

No. 5: Firas

We are very excited to share with your our Fifth Inspirational Journey video and introduce to you the migrant entrepreneur, Firas.

Firas is a cofounder and CTO at CarbonWorks, the company that created the Carbon smartphone, which is made of composites and nanotechnology.

Firas cofounded Carbon Mobile with his partner Jorge Martins in 2015.

  No. 6: Edin Basic 

We are proud to announce our 6th Inspirational Journey video, featuring migrant entrepreneur Edin Basic.

Founder of Mano Pizza, Stage6@RedLion, Basic Instinct Consultancy, and Firezza, Basic is an inspiration to many migrant entrepreneurs and remains engaged with those embarking on this journey. Basic states that "having the social aspect and looking after people is the main formula for success". Watch the video below to hear more about his story as a successful migrant entrepreneur.



No. 7: Edward Bae

For the seventh Inspirational Journey video, Edward Bae is featured. Founders of Zoom Fresh, Edward and Hee-Joo run a successful cook boxes business in Berlin
Zoom Fresh offers a unique DIY experience of Asian food culture through an exclusively curated meal. At the same time, Zoom Fresh aims to create a sustainable business where they provide one meal to a child in need whenever they sell one meal kit


  No. 7: Omar Alshafai

Bureaucrazy will fill out forms for you automatically and then translate everything back into German without you having to do it yourself, Doesn't that sounds like a dream.!

Our last inspirational migrant entrepreneurs with a mission to simplify the German bureaucratic system and provide guidance to refugees, migrants and all people who have trouble dealing with the German bureaucracy step by step. Bureaucracy is based in Berlin, Germany and founded by 3 three Syrian refugees with the first-hand experience of German bureaucracy. One of their founders recently also took part in our final event. Read our blog on this event and relive with us the energy of our closure event.