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The ME4Change project is determined to make an impact.

This will be achieved by the strong support of our Associated Partners, supporting organisations, Community Access Points and friends sharing our vision, mission and commitment. We are all working together to change the path of hundreds of migrants and refugees and making a real impact in their life. Here is a list (in progress) of our great supporters.

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The Urban Economy and Employment Department of the Milan Municipality supports the ME4Change project. The Deparment activities follow the guidelines of the Department of Labor Policies, Production Activities, Trade and Human Resources of the Municipality of Milan aiming at enhancing the Milanese business system, encouraging the development of commercial enterprises, large-scale retailers and artisans through the planning, regulation and monitoring of activities, while promoting their important social function. The Department is headed by Renato Galliano

Catalysr is a startup incubator based in Paramatta, Australia and it supports refugees and migrants who are facing barriers to employment by assisting them in starting their own business; providing them an alternative pathway to fulfilling their potentials. Intensive entrepreneurship program for high-performing migrant and refugee entrepreneurs who want to find success in Australia run periodically. Catalysr is a place for people with fresh ideas who are ready to dream, to work hard and to challenge themselves to bring their big ideas to life.

The Nordic Female Business Angels Network provides a platform for both new and experienced angel investors to network, learn, train and participate in various insightful events. The association is part of a revolution that is attracting women to invest, in the advent motivating more women to innovate. Investor members consist of both female and male angels. More female investors means more funding opportunity for startups.

Humak University of Applied Sciences is engaged in the development of higher education and modernisation of the world of work. The University contributes to forging new types of higher education, as well as research, development and innovation that serve students on their career path and support professional partners as they develop their own activities. Humak University is the biggest educator and RDI-organisation in their areas of expertise in Finland. Main strengths are: Youth work and communality; Organisation work, work communities and integration; Interpreting and linguistic accessibility and Cultural management and conveyance.

Haaga-Helia was formed at the beginning of 2007 with Finland’s first merger of institutions of higher education, as Helsinki Business Polytechnic and Haaga Institute Polytechnic joined forces. Its roots are deep in entrepreneurship and working life. At Haaga-Helia, they educate sales-, service- and entrepreneurship-oriented specialists for the needs of companies. Haaga-Helia is one of Finland’s most clearly profiled universities of applied sciences and a pioneer in education exports. Pioneering and innovation in networks have been the cornerstones of Haaga-Helia operations from the very beginning.

Gift Women Link Foundation is the Women based, non-governmental and not for profit making organisation. The establishment of this foundation was to address women constraints and empowering women through innovative approaches in areas of Microcredit services, education, reproductive and child health, ICT, health, human rights, agriculture, Vocational services, HIV/AIDS, life skills and community development with a focus on poverty alleviation, economic empowerment and establishing a society where women and girls live happy, healthy, educated and free from all forms of violence under a conserved community. The foundation main target population includes women, PWD, PLWHA, farmers and children (all living under had condition). Our mission is to empower women in rural communities from grass root through active participation for sustainable development. Our Vision is to ensure Development excellence in technical sustainable and technology services for self-reliance of women in rural communities Kasese District.

ReDI School of Digital Integration was founded in February 2016 by a team convinced that technology can bring people together to build new solutions to old problems. Here, we realized that amongst the newcomers there are incredible IT-talents eager to learn, who want to contribute to Germany's society and who could help fill the 51.000 open IT-jobs in Germany. From the beginning, our school has been developed through co-creation between the Berlin and München tech community and our students. Since then, we've grown into a non-profit social enterprise offering several 3-months IT-programs, workshops, corporate training projects as well as short term summer courses. We have also helped incubate 7 start-ups! Our aim is to provide our students with valuable digital skills and a strong network of tech leaders, students and alumni to help create new opportunities for all.

PerMicro, founded in 2007 in Torino (Italy), is the first Italian institution in terms of number of granted microcredits and disbursed amount. Since its origin, it has disbursed 18,471 microcredits, for a total amount of EUR 131,234,948. Today PerMicro is present in 11 Italian regions with 15 branches and it counts 62 employees.
PerMicro is one of the microfinance’s pioneers in Western Europe. The institution is very active in the national and international scene: it is one of the founders of Rete Italiana degli operatori di Microfinanza (RITMI), the Italian association of microfinance institutions; moreover, it is an active member of European Microfinance Network (EMN). In 2015, PerMicro was chosen among the six best microcredit institutes in Europe to be part of the guarantee fund from European Investment Fund (FEI) financed by the European Community (Employment and Social Innovation Programme).
PerMicro collaborates with the Association PerMicroLab Onlus to offer to its micro-entrepreneurs important auxiliary services, such as mentoring and monitoring.

The ACP Diaspora Youth Support Services (DYSS) is an association of youth Diaspora in Europe from The ACP (African, Caribbean and Pacific) group of countries recognized under the Flemish Federation of Social Organizations (Federatie van Zelf Organizaties in Vlaanderen). DYSS is a Not-for- Profit organization whose initiative and core objective is to build the capacity of ACP Diaspora youth in Europe for professional excellency and development of ACP home countries.
In the immediate and long terms plans, DYSS will work with ACP Youth Diaspora in Belgium, The Netherlands, UK and other EEA countries as well as ACP grass-root youth community development organizations within the 79 ACP member states to foster youth employment and economic development of these regions.
The vision of DYSS is to be the conduit and development catalyst of ACP youth both in Europe and EU and ACP countries. DYSS is intent on building an ACP youth Diaspora community who are professional experts effectively engaged in the social and economic development of ACP countries.

Dar Casa, a cooperative based in Milan and dealing mostly with social housing, founded the Association Dar el Kalimat in 2012.
Dar El Kalimat is a migrant association managed by two migrant women, one from Tunisia and one from Ecuador. T
The association focuses on a specific target group: women coming from migrant background, especially those who have children and are often unemployed. In fact, there are few occasions for them to discover their hosting countries and its culture and get to know new people and become independent; for this, many migrant women are at risk of social exclusion for several reasons.
Nowadays the Association promotes different activities for children, teen-agers and adults in different areas and suburbs of the city of Milan.
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Vitality onlus was founded in Milan in 2012 to help vulnerable people to develop their human potential in terms of employability, entrepreneurship and active citizenship.
Vitality onlus develops research, training, coaching and communication projects, contributing to the generation of open, inclusive and integrated communities in which diversities are considered resources for local development.
Our programme Community to Community (C2C) revolves around migrants' talents to foster circular development between Italy and their home communities.
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The Federation of Finnish Enterprises is an interest and service organisation for small and medium sized enterprises and their owners. Our task is to improve the position of entrepreneurs and the requirements for entrepreneurship, and to make Finland an entrepreneurial society.
Our member entrepreneurs share a passion and enthusiasm for entrepreneurship, the freedom to do their work well, the willingness and ability to take risks and a sense of responsibility for themselves and others.
As Finland’s largest organisation, representing 115,000 enterprises, we work every day to support free entrepreneurship and an entrepreneur-positive society.
By helping the future entrepreneurs and supporting the entrepreneurship training, we’ll make sure that entrepreneurship is seen as viable option by everyone who enters in to the labour force.

SINGA Italia is part of 
an international network of organisations based in 13 cities and 7 countries (France, Germany, Belgium, Italy, UK, Canada and Switzerland).
We bring refugees, asylum seekers and locals together to create a community of skilled entrepreneurs, job creators and active citizens.
SINGA Italia was founded in 2018. Our activities include a Professional Mentoring Programme for refugees, a Business Lab for migrant-led enterprises and a Digital Platform to access migrant-centred services.

Comunità nuova (New Community) is a not-for-profit organisations working for young people, especially those coming with disadvantaged background or at risk of social exclusion.
It works with migrants, children growing without a family, drug addicts and in mates, providing Support, education and training, safe communities where to live and work, prevention, etc.
With migrants, Comunità Nuova hosts non-accompanied minors and provide a wide range of support activities, including legal and work guidance, training, work opportunities (e.g. traineeships), etc.

Amici di Edoardo (Edoardo’s Friends association) is a not for profit organisation working for young people, Italian and migrants, and supporting them at social, educational and working level.
Among the activities developed by the association: support to youth entrepreneurship and business creation, work guidance and organisation of training courses and traineeships, Amici di Edoardo also manages the youth centre Barrio’s, where young people, Italian and migrants, finds a place to learn, share and grow.

Baana advises jobseekers at the beginning of employment and supports employers to employ immigrant workers. The project has its own Baana advisory points in Turku's Skanssi and Workplace in the center of Turku. Baana is the main actor of the Humanistic University of Applied Sciences (Humak).
The project also supports immigrants in entrepreneurship in the form of various forms of training, and provides personal advice on how to develop a business idea and set up a business.

Startup Refugees is providing migrants a startup training opportunities and improves the migrants readiness to work. It is also actively searching for the potential of newcomers and matching it with relevant network members. Startup Refugees is a national movement that has its main office in Helsinki.

The Shortcut is community driven and promotes diversity as an engine for growth. We encourage more people from diverse backgrounds to consider creating their own startup or
working for a startup or high-growth tech company to best utilize their skills and aspirations. We inspire and empower our community through gatherings, workshops, trainings and
programmes that help them explore ideas, share knowledge and develop skills to enable new talents required in the startup life. The main criterion for participating is attitude— meant for all
those curious about technology and entrepreneurship. Our recurring trainings include The School of Startups (SoS), Idea Development Weekend, Digital Prototyping Weekend, The
Catalyst employability Programme, Python from Zero to Hero, Get Google Certified, Digital Marketing Club, Summer Code Camp, and the Girls Coding Club.

The non-profit organisation enpact was founded in August 2013 with the aim of strengthening economic relations between young entrepreneurs from the startup scenes of the Middle East, Africa and Europe. Since then, this goal has been successfully implemented with an innovative Startup Mentoring programme for promising young entrepreneurs.
In addition to that we support local entrepreneurial ecosystems by creating entrepreneur spaces for startup related activities through Startup Space and provide relevant research through our Startup Meterby analysing the startup friendliness of cities. Furthermore we are ready to organise delegation trips for entrepreneurs and more to discover different startup scenes worldwide through Startup Connect. Taking part in enpact’s journey entails a lifetime membership of a growing international network of society shapers, company builders, responsible leaders and change makers.

We are a film studio that was officially created around the summer of 2013. In the first year of the studio, we have edited personal films made of videos and pictures of certain people. We have edited over 25 personal videos in just a year. Samu Gabor the owner of the studio, also made a lot of videos and some video clips since 2014. In the fall of 2015, we have assembled our first short film "Envy". The next year was our most inactive year due to many preparations for our newest short film, Girl with a Pendant. Currently, the documentary series, After the Boat, is being released, with a focus on migrant integration. In Episode 1 we discuss Diana Atwani’s current life and challenges she faces every day as a Syrian migrant who works in Berlin.

Associazione IRENE (Iniziative Ricerche Esperienze per una Nuova Europa) was established in 1991  to promote European Union Social Policies and the achievement of the objectives in the field of non-discrimination and equal opportunities.
IRENE implemented many projects funded by the European Commission and Structural Funds and has gained a strong experience in the field of informal training, participating in various projects both at local and European level, where best practices were tested for the social inclusion of women in difficult situations, such as migrants and refugees, through practical sewing and creative tailoring activities.
The common objective of these experiences is to promote female employment in an innovative way responding to the problem of social and work integration and aiming at developing social entrepreneurship competences of migrants and refugees.

"We Exist" is an organisation created and managed by Syrian people. Our aim is to facilitate access into the labour market for people who fled conflict and persecution. We aim to promote participation in socio-economic and cultural life. We also want to raise awareness of Syrian culture and traditions. Our future plan is to establish a Syrian Centre for culinary and cultural exchange. We want to show our skills and competences - and to open job opportunities. Made by Syrians. For Everyone.

The Start-Up Your Future  is a pilot project implemented by the Wirtschaftsjunioren Deutschland (WJD), funded by the  Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy. It aims to help refugees in Berlin-Brandenburg to set up their own businesses. To give them support and to show them that self-employment can be a good option, mentoring partnerships are formed with so-called Gründerpaten. Gründerpaten are volunteers. They are entrepreneurs, people interested in start-ups, employees in management positions or Wirtschaftsjunioren.

BECYCLE is a fitness studio that has attracted widespread fame in Berlin and now has its own community filled with clients working in different fields from consulting to health. BECYCLE has become your home away from home. A place to dive deeper into those bits and pieces we hear about your lives on the daily. A place to be in the know with everything fitness, health and fun related happening in and outside the studio.

The Refugio Berlin originated from the idea of the share houses that the founder Sven Lager brought back from South Africa. In these houses, community and cohesion form the focal point. This founding idea has flowed into today's Refugio Berlin as an important component and has inspired the operator, the Berlin City Mission, to give this basic idea a place in the middle of Neukölln.

Since the beginning of the year, the Refugio team, which has grown in size, has been working intensively on the financial independence of the house in order to keep this extraordinary project, which is unique in Germany to date, open to all people seeking refuge. The Refugio now has a professional event management team that rents out the rooms and organises events. Without the Berlin City Mission, however, this would not have been possible.


Mestieri Lombardia is the regional network of Employment Agencies accredited by the Lombardy Region and authorized by the Ministry of Labor, focused on the provision of services to work.

Consorzio Mersieri operates throughout the Lombardy Region as interlocutor specialized in the provision of guidance, selection, professional support and mentoring services for people with problems of social marginality and difficulties in entering autonomously in the labor market. We work in close synergy with a network of territorial consortia of social cooperatives and communities that for years have been developing services both in the integration processes for weak workers and in services to profit and social enterprises.


Consortium SIS, is the strategic agency of social cooperatives. It promotes entrepreneurial development and social action. Its school, the School of Social Enterprises, is an accredited body by the Lombardy Region for the provision of continuous training services.

The school offers basic courses of different duration, and advanced courses of specialization, the goal is to enhance personal and group skills, and to promote a greater awareness of the role of each person in the processes of social innovation and cultural promotion of the city, with particular attention to young people and to those are already working in the various sectors of the new economy.


The Alto Milanese CoopeRho Consortium was founded in March 2004 by a group of social cooperatives rooted in the north-west of the Milan Province. Its intervention guidelines are focused on 5 specific actions:

  • DEVELOPMENT, support and accompaniment of social companies partners
  • WORK - Social Active Labor Policies and social integration
  • HOME - Social Housing and Housing Policies
  • CULTURE - Cultural promotion and community development
  • HEALTH - Social and Health
    Cooperho Alto Milanese is considered as an actor promoting connections. In this sense, the Consortium is intended as a "HUB" that connects and "sorts" the demand towards the actors who provide welfare services in the territory.

SparkUp is a startup community where Turku Science Park Ltd, student based entrepreneurship society Boost Turku and Creative Venture Crev,e have brought together their know-how and services for startups and entrepreneur-minded persons
in Turku region. SparkUp is facilitated by Turku Science Park Ltd.
Our idea is to provide a path from idea to teaming up, starting a business, and growing internationally – so if you are just dreaming big, have a startup or an established company (new or old) we are there for you! We want to offer you a
community space where ideas and people can get together and networking is easy.

YES is a non-profit organization. The YES Network is a network of networks, bringing together entrepreneurship education agents and other agents interested in the development of entrepreneurship
and work life skills both regionally and nationally.
YES trains teaching staff, develops entrepreneurship education, builds school-business cooperation and offers regional services for the JA Programs.
YES goal is that every young person in Finland receives entrepreneurship education regardless of educational level and municipality, and that every teacher has the capability to implement
entrepreneurship education in their own work.
The aim of the YES Network is to create a new kind of work culture where education and business life are engaged in an active dialogue, where educational institutions operate in an entrepreneurial manner, and
above all, young people receive adequate training during their studies to enter working life.

La Cantina Mexicana is a Community eventspace for latinamericans in Berlin.

Good Point is a vibrant mesh of internationals based in Berlin and working globally. It is made up of strategists, writers, designers, videographers and digital natives, all in a single ethical communication agency.

180 Degrees Consulting offers consulting services to social organisations and start-ups in order to help them overcome specific challenges. The organisation supports them in achieving their full potential and a maximum amount of benefits to the society. 180
Degrees Consulting also connects the abilities of students with the needs of social organisations.

Osuuskunta kulttuuriteko helps new entrepreneurs by providing them advice and participation opportunities. In addition, persons interested in entrepreneurship can join the association and provide their services through the association before setting their own enterprise. This lowers the barrier of entry for new ideas, since people can test the ideas saleability before setting up a company.