The scope of the ME4Change – Migrants Empowerment for Change –  project is to create, improve and provide wider dissemination of support schemes for young migrant entrepreneurs to help them becoming self-employed and building a successful enterprise (profit- generating or with social objectives).

The idea is to bring together organisations from different countries where migration is having a peak and to develop together innovative solutions for migrants’ inclusion, in particular for youth willing to start a business / boost the growth of their startups.

Our goal is to create a vital eco-system where young migrants can exploit their opportunities, grow and build business skills to improve as entrepreneurs.

How we will do this?

Through a powerful, multidimensional training programme, including an innovative mentoring scheme offering the participant the opportunity of a short “on-the-job“ training on the mentor’s premises. As part of the mentoring scheme, the young entrepreneurs will have the chance to pitch in front of investors and relevant stakeholders during ad-hoc pitching events, which will have a transnational character.

Who can join us?

We are looking to work with young migrant entrepreneurs – the Migrapreneurs –  (18-34 years of age), in particular those newly arriving to the EU and having been legally staying in EU and hosting countries for at least a year. We will have a specific focus on female migrants committed to develop and grow their companies.

Further, we look for qualified trainers and passionate mentors, as well as local providers including incubators, labs, regional governments, academic institutions, as well as training and community centers who could provide a work place and resources to entrepreneurs participating in ME4Change.

What we want to achieve?

Improved and enhanced skills

in particular in a few key areas, such as how to run a business; how to recruit and manage reliable, qualified and affordable workforce; how to deal with IPR and legal issues; how to manage customer and supplier relationship as there is difference in language; how to acquire capital to fund the venture; how to manage competition in a new environment; how to protect the venture from external threats; pitching skills

Increased entrepreneurial mindset, spirit and skills

By improving in particular female migrants self-confidence capacity and to recognise their role as leader, creating success and wealth for themselves so that they can fulfill their pivotal nurturing role at the heart of their family and community. This way, the mutual cooperation will provide added value to all levels of business.

Networking and spillover effect

Being part of a vital network and of a wider community, young migrants will enrich their professional and human background.

Better management of career transition (in particular for female entrepreneurs)

Due to their cultural background, family and business commitment, many women face a number of barriers and transitions within their job opportunities. Being a female entrepreneur with a migration background, means the opportunity to rely on new opportunities in particular considering the family limits still preventing women from a full access to entrepreneurship. Having the chance to access a vibrant community stands as a unparalleled opportunity to women to chose their own career path overcoming barriers.

Financial Returns

The skills and the competences acquired through the training and mentoring programs will result in the realistic capacity to create a startup, raising funds and start a real business, representing a key milestone in both company growth as well as expansion.

Who We Are

X23 Srl – Italy

The Lead Partner and Project Manager

X23 is an Italian SME, self-sustaining private Research Centre and business support organisation. In the last 15 years X23 built a solid, consistent reputation, both at national and international level as reliable partner in the field of Research, Business Innovation, Dissemination and Communication of innovation results. Innovation is at X23’s core as they are convinced this is the unique driver for progress for human life in society and the ecosystem as a whole.

Institute for International Economic Cooperation (ICEI) – Italy

WP1 Leader and Research Manager

ICEI is a not-for-profit association committed to international solidarity, development cooperation, research and training. Established in 1977 in Milan, ICEI has been working in Europe, Latin America, Africa, and South-East Asia. In Italy and Europe ICEI promotes information and research activities, social cohesion and integration projects in favor of vulnerable people, with a particular focus on youth and migrants/refugees.

Digital African Women (DAW) – Belgium

WP2 Leader and Training Manager

DAW is a non profit- Social Enterprise headquartered in Brussels, Belgium with supporting activities in USA and South Africa. The Digital African is created, first to inspire, encourage and support young female led migrant women to explore careers in one of the many tech industries and especially tech specific entrepreneurship. Second, to support startups from across the globe especially African Diaspora to develop sustainable digital businesses.

Giacomo Brodolini Foundation (FGB) – Italy

WP3 Leader and Mentors/Mentees Manager

FGB is a private and not- for-profit foundation developing, applying and disseminating evidence based policy design, delivery and evaluation at all governance levels. FGB promotes dialogue and a continuous knowledge exchange bridging the academic and policymaking communities, governments, civil society and private sector; FGB is an active player providing technical support and services to foster economic development, social cohesion, employment and innovation through: research, data gathering analysis, forecasting, project work, dissemination and communication, network management, vocational training.

Migration Hub Network (MHN) – Germany

WP4 Leader and Communication Manager

MHN sees a large part of the solution in promoting social entrepreneurship with and for refugees and migrants. In order to provide a space for ideas to flourish and organizations to connect, the first Migration Hub was founded in 2015 in Berlin. By now, MHN has grown into a social franchise with several Hubs all over Europe, as well as a large Network of 2.300 contacts and social entrepreneurs active in the field.

Ja Finland – Finland

Quality and Evaluation Manager

Ja Finalnd is an NGO that has been functioning in Finland for 20 yrs. During past years, more and more migrants are taking part to our programs since everyone has the rights for basic education in Finland. Especially JA Company Program, an academic year study program for secondary school has tackled big steps with migrant students.

A Network of Committed Associated Partners