Final Pitching Event in Milan!

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On the March 11th the Final Pitching Event took place at FabriQ, in Milan. The day was an opportunity for our young migrant entrepreneurs to show their projects, fruit of their hard work and the support provided by Me4Change, which helped them to set the basis to become self-employed and build a successful enterprise.

Among the participants, representatives of X23, ICEI, Fondazione Brodolini, FabriQ the Municipality of Milan, Dar el Kalimat and Digital African Women (DAW) from Belgium, attended the event.

Starting with a brief introduction, all the partners stresses how migrants represent an important pool of potential entrepreneurs, but also that they can face, as other more vulnerable groups, specific legal, cultural and linguistic obstacles. These issues need to be addressed in full to give support equitable to that received by all other entrepreneurial groups. Supporting young migrant entrepreneurs is the right path not only to facilitate integration, but also to promote European growth, taking into account that SMEs are the core of the European economy. Coming from a different context and with a different cultural background, young migrant entrepreneurs could bring innovative ideas and represent an additional benefit. The Me4Change project has been recognized as a valuable tool for the development of all these necessities, and for this reason, new partnerships and projects are wished.

The event also brought the voice of young successful entrepreneurs who, whether migrants or not, shared the same purpose: reach their dreams despite many trials and tribulations!

As main event, the young migrant entrepreneurs entertained the audience with their projects.

  • Papa Dethie Faye, from Senegal, created a new fashion line with social objectives named Teranga: a powerful word that means hospitality and gratitude in the Wolof language.
  • Sabina, from Salvador, based her entrepreneurial idea on the Salvadoran national dish, the delicious “pupusas“.
  • Kadiga Moharam and his husband Ahmend Moharam from Egypt, decided to invest on the fair-trade of some of their typical national non-perishable food products, such as chickpeas and beans.
  • Ana Gaby Chavez e Zaidy Inett Valdiviezo Sogbi, from Mexico, created a network between young Mexican students and famous personalities in the field of fashion, architecture and gastronomy in Milan, and will offer study-travel packages.
  • Kelly Chidi-Ogbonna, from Nigeria, created a digital platform called KnowMyTalent, where people can choose a category like sports, music or fashion and upload videos that will be scrutinised by talent scouts.
  • Vanessa Sesma e Irma Rodriguez Casas decided to start a gourmet-commerce – ItalMex – importing selected Mexican food such as guava, avocado and vanilla.

A jury of experts, composed by some Organisations supporting the project, such as PerMicro, Comunità Nuova,Vitality Onlus, SINGA Italia, Amici di Edoardo, Associazione Irene, COOPERHO – CONSORZIO COOPERATIVE SOCIALI ALTO MILANESE, SCUOLE IMPRESE SOCIALI – SCHOOL OF SOCIAL ENTERPRISES analysed each project, stressing strengths and weaknesses and giving advice about how to improve each business.

There cannot be any event in Milan without an “aperitivo” as the grand finale! All the participants met in the FabriQ hall to celebrate the end of the Final Pitch Event and wish all the best to the young migrant entrepreneurs!

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