The Beginning of New Virtuous Collaborations

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Thanks to ME4Change, new collaboration networks are born between migrant entrepreneurs and the inhabitants of FabriQ, social innovation incubators by the city of Milan, where the project ME4Change took place and that hosted training and mentoring program.

Some of our mentees not only have a good import export project of Mexican products in Italy (TerraViva is the project supported with (ME4Change) but have built Ital Mex social to spread their awareness and experience in the world of entrepreneurship.

Ital Mex is a Trade Association that supports Mexican and Italian companies to develop mutually commercial relations, through operational services such as: commercial representation, logistics management, product analysis (design, image and price), B2B meetings, management expo, suppliers research, training.

Ital Mex Social deals with providing conferences and workshops aimed primarily at women of migrant origin, who want to become financially independent through entrepreneurship. The 4-year experience in the business world has allowed Irma and Vanessa to develop knowledge in the entrepreneurial world by sharing their know-how.

“After 4 years of work in an entrepreneurial context, we noticed the need for migrants living in Italy who want to do business, to feel supported in this path, but without having any kind of knowledge about the new system

tax and bureaucracy and not knowing where to go to get the right information, they end up not

develop the entrepreneurial project”.

Dress for success is an association based in FabriQ dedicated to supporting women in search of employment. The organization helps women to analyze their professional strengths and weaknesses, to prepare their own curriculum, to manage job interviews, also from the point of view of external presentation and gives them the professional dress to support them From this derives the name of the association.
Dress for Success Milan is, therefore, an accelerator for the entry or reintegration into the labour market of women who, due to social, economic, personal or logistical conditions, start from disadvantaged situations.

The collaboration between FabriQ, Dress for Success and Ital Mex social becomes almost spontaneous: they have common aims and one of the indirect objectives of the ME4Change project is precisely that of creating support for entering the work area for those who have migrant origins and more difficulties understand the dynamics of the work world of  the host country.

On 30th January the first joint event between Ital Mex and the dress for success took place at FabriQ, named: Unemployment and self-employment – two workshops to learn the tricks of doing business and to share experiences in unemployment.

10 participants of different origins and genres tested themselves and listened to the advice of those who lived through these phases.

We hope it is just the beginning of a fruitful collaboration!

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