Don’t You Know Her Talent?

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Let’s meet one of the italian migrant enterpreneurs currently involved in the Me4Change project!
Her name is Kelly Chidi-Ogbonna, 33 years old. She’s currently living in Padua and arrived in Italy form Nigeria few years ago.

Her motto is:  Let the world know what you were born to do!

In fact, her business idea is called KnowMyTalent: a Digital Platform for Talent Discovery and Scouts, with different categories like Sports, Music, Fashion, Art and Entertainment.

Through this platform, talents are given the opportunity to stand out from the crowd by signing up and uploading their videos or images of their skills and Scouts searching for new stars can have a convenient screening methods, thus reducing also long travels and auditions for both talents and scouts, avoiding spending long hours organizing auditions which turns out to be money and time consuming.

This way, using KnowMyTalent, Scouts can get access to watch millions of videos or images of Talents using a search word, before contacting their desired talent.

So far, the platform includes over 643 active users, achieved mainly via word of mouth, without any marketing funds and so its safe to say that with the rights funds towards campaign, she would get a reasonable number of users! 🙂

<< My goal is to make KnowMyTalent the one-stop-platform for discovering top talents and performers in Sports, Music, Entertainment and Fashion.
And I’m sure that, with the right funds and Investors, this can be achieved! I have also received so many positive feedbacks from Talents and Scouts who has seen the need for KnowMyTalent! 
>> Kelly says.

During the last months, she has achieved many important results: she participated in the Lean in EU WBAs Finals, held in Turin (December 11th 2018), after she won the competition held in Verona in June 26th 2018.

<< It was a Pitching Interview and we were given 5mins each to answer questions about our StartUp. It was a lovely (and challenging!) experience to meet other Female Startups from different EU countries. I was impressed to see the impact women entreprenuership is currently having in EU!>>.

Thanks to the Me4Change project activities, she is working on her business model, together with her Advisors team, having a solid working experience in Business Management and Human Capital Development. The Mentoring project phase was a crucial moment for Kelly:

<<I believe every startup or business minded person that wants to succeed should get the chance to have Mentors. First of all, they are ahead of you in that field and know the mistakes that can be avoided. In my own case, My Mentors are both successful business women and Public Speakers. I have learnt how to improve my communication skills and that has helped me a lot during my “Pitching Battles”! Besides that, they helped me in redefining my Logo and Pitch Deck, giving KnowMyTalent a better look!>>.

Kelly with her Advisors Kyla Mitsunaga, Marika Mazzi Boém and Dr Shola Mos-Shogbamimu:

Facebook @KnowMyTalent
Instagram @knowmytalent

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