A Preview of Italian Migrapreneurs

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After presenting mentors of the program, we are pleased to introduce some of our mentees and their projects. With them we started the training and finished the mentoring period, they shared with us difficulties and funny moments, we spoke about food and fashion “as Italian do”: project and people presented are just some examples, and we are proud of them all!


One of the most coveted topic is import-export of food products: probably the best way to connect origins with the host country.

The activity of Ahmed and Kadiga consists in the importation of foodstuffs produced and packaged by an Egyptian company with which there is a family relationship. The food products are: rice, honey, spices and legumes. The samples of the products have already been brought to Italy, and have been very successful both among the Arab community and with other consumers




Also Irma and Vanessa with Terra Viva are working on Latin American food & beverage marketing and sales in Europe. They import two kind of products:
Frozen (bio or not) – mango, avocado pulp, avocado, guacamole; and Processed products (organic, healthy and gourmet) – jams, vinaigrette, oil of avocado, pickled peppers and sauces, stevia leaves.



Max has a really ambitious project of empowerment of his community village, creating a system for the drying of the mango and then selling it in Italy to large retailers. He is working both in Senegal on the field, and both here, struggling with administrative issues.


In similar terms, Sabrina also uses the culinary tradition to maintain a link her origins.
With her passion for food and her vitality, she wants to create a Street Food network based on the sale of “pupusas” and hot and cold beverages of Salvadoran origin. The main product, the “pupusa”, is a kind of stuffed tortilla made by cheese, beans, mixed meat, jalapegno, and others. During several events we had the pleasure to taste it and we can guarantee for the flavor!




Sonia instead, for long time was undecided between two ideas, two part of her previous experience: opening of a Peruvian restaurant with a small corner with take away or a food track; opening of a Money Transfer. It transfers money through authorized agents, joined with a secondary activity, a sort of travel agency that organizes not only people travels, but also the shipping of consumer goods.

Sonia is now focusing on this second hypothesis.


About travel agency, Ana Gaby and Zaidy, already friends and colleagues, are developing their project. They want to create a travel agency specializing in student travel from Mexico to Italy so that University students can visit and study Italian excellences.


An ambitious project with excellent potential is being developed by Papa: its solidarity clothing brand Teranga.. In Senegalese Teranga means respect, courtesy, joy and also represents the pleasure of receiving a guest: the brand wants to spread a positive message against racism and against inequality.

Papa is now creating a t-shirt line with the Teranga logo and pieces of Senegalese cloth: we can’t wait to buy it!


Kelly was the only one who creates a digital project with KnowMyTalent.com: it is a Social Media Platform for Talent Discovery and Sports Merchandizing.

With over 50 different categories, users will create their profiles by signing up and selecting their category of skills, to create a network of talent.
About Kelly and his project here the previous article (http://me4change.eu/2018/07/06/me4changers-in-action-knowmytalent-com/)

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