Our Fifth Inspirational Role Model Video is due to be released soon!

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As shared by Business Insider.de regarding the 21 most interesting people in Factory:


Firas is a cofounder and CTO at CarbonWorks, the company that created the Carbon smartphone, which is made of composites and nanotechnology. Firas cofounded Carbon Mobile with his partner Jorge Martins in 2015.



As documented by Nuwait.net.kw


“A Dubai-based startup claims to have manufactured the thinnest smartphone available worldwide, with a width of 4.6 mm (a little more than half of that of the iPhone 6) using carbon fiber technology.

Virtual reality engineer and cofounder of Carbon Works, Firas Khalifeh, believes that he and cofounder Jorge Martins have cracked the carbon fiber smartphone enigma.

“We want to be the first to debut a luxury smartphone so thin and sleek, which of course, wouldn’t have been possible without using carbon fiber,” Khalifeh told Nuwait.

If indeed the phone, which Khalifeh said will be launched at the upcomingGitex Technology Week in October, is only 4.6 mm in width, this would mean a new Guinness record for the slimmest available smartphone. Currently that title is held by a Chinese 5.1 mm Elife S phone.”


Look out for the release of the role model video soon!