Mentoring Programme in Milan

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After the success and enthusiasm of the training programme, on September 17th we started mentoring phase: men and women interested in realizing their business ideas rely on our expert mentors to follow a path of about 12 weeks of coaching and growth.

Unlike training, this phase is much more focused on an individual program, setting topic priorities and long-term goals.


Specifically, mentees face 1to1 sessions, require in-depth webinars and attend our plenary sessions of comparison and presentation.


Above all, these were a useful moment of confrontation for all, thanks to the precious contribution of mentors.


During the first plenary session we made the matching process between mentor and mentees;



on 29th October mentees presented their project and explained difficulties and critical points.


We break the ice using some role games and make the presentations lighter.



The session was intense but focused on realizing the idea.


On December 10th at the last session, before the Christmas Holidays, the participants will present their ideas. Not a pitch but almost.


During next steps will see us available for comparison, creating opportunities for exchange and networking until the moment of the international pitch event.

We cannot wait to see them grow!

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