Italian Mentors: Precious Support

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ME4Change programme in Italy selected 5 excellent mentors to support mentees in developing their business ideas and accompany them in their professional growth.

Overcoming obstacles with them is easier!


The two main mentors follow almost all the mentees in the 1to1 meetings and with webinars dissemination, to be distributed on request for further information. They are very available and they took everyone’s situations to heart.


Luca Tripeni Zanforlin 

Roberto Mannai 




Thanks to them, the mentoring programme has an excellent knowledge base.

Special Mentor is Marika Mazzi Boem, coordinator of the ME4Change project, which supports advanced level with a specific path, you already know her!






Supportive mentors are Silvia Tassarotti and Nicola Olivieri, who are both experts in coaching.






Nicola met many mentees during training programme, as coordinator, and Silvia has a long experience of volunteering in the migrant field. Both are an help in finding motivation during this long path of business  realization

The Italian mentoring program could not be supported by a better team of experts, each with specific know-how and diversified interests, to accompany participants in a journey of growth and realization of dreams.

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