Mentoring helps to create New Networks

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Migrants can have new and innovative ideas, but no place to validate them. One important part of the new company creation is to get real customer feedback as early on as possible, and this can be challenging for newcomers in the country. There can be issues with language, knowing the right people or in general just being credible and getting this appointment with a right people.

During the mentoring we had the opportunity to help aspiring entrepreneurs to connect to relevant persons and companies for idea validation and feedback.

Discussion afterward provided me really important insight about the value of 3td person opinion. This creates two important things: Increase motivation and also see how small actions will add important value for mentoring.

Case Daria in Finland

In our case example Daria is creating her non-alcoholic fermented brewing company and is starting to create new types of drinks to be sold by restaurants. This Kvass-drinks are popular in Eastern Europe but have not found their way to Finland.

We organised a visit to a restaurant chain manager to learn what’s his opinion about the idea, how he sees the products and what needs to be improved before they can consider selling the drinks?

During the one-hour meeting Daria was able to gather valuable insight about the acceptance process of the restaurants and also widen her current contact network. The product is not quite there yet to be sold but the manager invited us back when she has an improved product to present.

We would highly recommend all mentors to use their contact networks to open doors to potential customers as early on as possible. Getting real feedback is invaluable for new companies.

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