Migrant Entrepreneurship: untapping the potentials

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Nowadays, more and more youngsters are approaching entrepreneurship as a bright career.

In recent times, the startups by young entrepreneurs have got enormous success and huge funding from various resources.

There are many business owners of Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) who dream of migrating to developed (and at times not so developed) countries, but only a few of them can actually make it happen. There is much evidence available that investing abroad is a significant factor for an entrepreneur to be successful in the long run. In fact, it is often considered a necessity due to its remarkable outcomes both from professional and personal fronts. Starting a new business venture abroad comes with lots of key advantages. There are many reasons why entrepreneurs should consider pursuing entrepreneurship as a migrant in a foreign country.

By migrating abroad, small to medium-sized corporations can reap the benefits of expanding their businesses in overseas markets. With the availability of new possibilities, these businesses may offer more appealing services and products that are not present in the existing foreign market, hence create a new customer base. What’s more, the nation’s government may also provide certain incentives or benefits for the business establishment as it will boost the economy and generate employment.

One of the biggest advantages of going global is that a new country will offer a supportive business environment to conduct a business. In India, there are certain restrictions in terms of government policies, construction permits, and stringent tax systems as well as other regulatory policies that pose some challenges for the business owners. Hence, it makes sense to shift the business to or at least open up a branch or subsidiary office —through migration —in a country that doesn’t necessarily curb its ability to generate profits while offering advantages in the form of competitive tax systems, favourable economic climate, better quality of products and a highly skilled workforce.
Migrating through entrepreneur programmes provides the opportunity to have an international exposure that can facilitate even more expansion in further.

Having a business overseas also gives a major boost to the brand recognition, credibility, and respect among the potential customers both in domestic and international market.

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