Mentoring Partnerships for Migrants

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Mentoring is important for all aspiring entrepreneurs, but what if you don’t have:

  1. Contact network in your city.
  2. Language skills to communicate with your customers native language.
  3. Knowledge about the business rules of the country.
  4. Access to capital or many of the financial instruments the other companies can apply.

Then you know what challenges migrants may encounter when they set up a business in their new home country.

Courses can help migrants to achieve better general knowledge in many fields of business, but only personal mentoring can give the specific answers to specific challenges the migrants face.

Mentoring Partnerships

In Finland the ME4Change -partner JA Finland is working to reach a consortium of different actors who can support the migrants in their mentoring needs. We are creating one access gateway to mentoring with the help of Federation of Finnish Enterprises, Red Cross, Turku University of Applied Sciences, Humanistic University and National YES-network.

We aim to create a platform that will enable easier contact network between the mentors and mentees and also increase the mentors availability with mentor facilitation and training.

Cooperation with National Mentoring Portal

As the wheel has already invented we are cooperating with national mentoring portal YES-kummit (YES Mentors) and are adding a migrant mentoring support part to the portal offering. National portal already has more than 700 mentors around the country and in the pilot phase the local mentors from the South-West Finland will be approached regarding the new opportunities brought by the consortium.

This will enable sustained mentoring support after the ME4Change -project and also facilitate the mentor finding and matching according the entrepreneurs individual needs.

During the autumn JA Finland will play active role in piloting the mentoring program and also creating a wider support network for mentoring for migrant entrepreneurs in Finland.

ME4Change – project is an important tool that will reinforce the mentoring opportunities and allows to create the best practises around the Europe.