Training in Milan: Second Impressions

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The final part of our training program was characterized by a more focused approach of the lessons, also due to the reduction of the number of the participant: few but good, so we have the opportunity to go in depth in the themes.



The business plan template was the guiding line in each lesson: step by step it was completed and corrected, and it was the opportunity to create comparison and debate between students.

In fact the peculiarity of our classes is that it is a real united group, students cooperate and support each other: who has knowhow, share it with others; who wants to open a food activity, finds a cooker through the ME4Change class; they test the pitch among them and they help each other with Italian language.



The most enthusiastic lesson was about regulations and IPR, so that the trainer organized an almost individual counseling lesson and it created great benefits in development of ideas, it was concrete and focused.

Also the lesson on logistic issue was appreciated, since great part of the student has ideas and activities concerned distribution of product.

Lessons were always part theoretical and part practical, with a more focused moment on each student idea.


During the last lesson, the 3rd of July, the two group, intermediate and advanced, were unified for a networking moment.

– The morning was held trying the pitch to each other. One of our trainers tested his previous pitch of his startup, the class take inspiration by great and famous startup, and then was the turn of those who wanted to talk in public.

– During lunch we tasted the typical dish of El Salvador, La Pupusa, helping a student with one of her first test on the market of the product she wants to sell.

Eating together was a great situation, it gives the opportunity of networking and to share information about the next phase of mentoring, as well as to get knowing each other beyond the program…at the end of the lunch we all felt a little bit more in El Salvador!

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