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Recruitment of Mentors

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The Mentoring Support Scheme in a Nutshell

We are looking for 20 mentors among the 4 countries of the project, to support business idea of our students of ME4Change program.

Objectives of the mentoring

The aim of the mentoring program is to support entrepreneurs in implementing their own idea, and to help them concretely to start their enterprise: facilitate the knowledge of the host market, of the bureaucracies, of the financial issues, and the sharing of similar experiences, are key point of the program to support them in their business challenges.

  • Provide a detailed and personalised advice
  • Give tools to fund own enterprise and turn an idea into business
  • Create the right matching between mentor and student to bring out potentials
  • Offer migrants practical information and advice on legal and procedural aspects, both related to their status in the host country and to local rules to start and manage a business
  • Follow milestones and reach knowledge objectives fixed by partners, attending webinar meetings

Features of the program

2 different levels:

  1. Intermediate entrepreneurs will attend 8 weeks structured in: 6 webinar – 1 plenary session – 1 day training
  2. Advanced Mentoring will consist in 12 weeks structured in: 10 webinar – 1 plenary session – 1 day training.
  • Matching: this phase is the most important to create the right synergy among migrants and mentors. It is important to match mentors and student following at least one of three criteria:
    • affinity in the business experience;
    • utility in specific skills;
    • similar migratory background with more life experience in the host country.
  • Mentoring: is a detailed and personalised consultation in which mentors reach goals of knowledge with the students. They touch contents milestones, established by the partners, and will decide, based on the skills of the student or at the level of their idea, whether to face an intermediate or advanced program.
  • Milestone: tool to measure course progress and helps set goals. These fixed points are defined later between partners and their mentors. Partners use the milestones for continuous updating about the mentoring program.

Recruitment and selection


  1. Public call: all candidates should apply to the call and attach their CV to the Form, available below.
    The call will end the August 28st 2018 and the selection of Mentors will end within early September.
  2. Numbers: 20 mentors will be chosen, whose 5 from each partners’ country.
  3. Selection: each partner proceeds with the selection of the mentors in their own country.
  • Native language and level of
    • English,
    • French,
    • Spanish,
    • Arab,
    • Others
  • Business skills: e.g., how to structure a business; how to communicate it; design thinking,
    marketing, etc.
  • Cultural and Linguistic facilitator: experiences with migrants;
  • Years of experience in business;
  • International experience or background: abroad experiences (study, work..);

Skills requested:

  • Didactic skills;
  • Knowledge of the local start-up ecosystem in the specific city.
  • Soft skills
  • Sensitivity to topics like:
    • inclusion,
    • cohesion,
    • integration,
    • creation of a support network,
    • development of a sustainable business,
    • mentoring or personalised accompaniment.


The candidate should indicate how much time he/she can dedicate to the ME4Change mentoring (September- December 2018) at least 20 hours of commitment, divided in:

  • webinar meetings,
  • 1 class of training,
  • 1 plenary session.


Your work during the period will be financially compensated according to a flat budget defined together with the EU Commission.
Please apply via this form by August 28th!

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