Entrepreneurship Training in Berlin – third impressions!

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Pitching in an Innovative Way


Last week we had the opportunity to host another Migrapeneur training at Migration Hub Network in Berlin. This time about innovative ways of pitching. Our attendees went home with some powerful advice.

When pitching you are presenting or describing your ideas to prospective investors. Doing it right takes practice, but with some tips and tricks it will be easier every time.

Edward Bae from Zoom Fresh

At the training we got the chance to hear the stories of 6 real Migrapeneurs and their experiences with pitching, which lead to an incredible discussion. ‘What’s the purpose of pitching in the first place and what do you want to get out of it?’ asked our trainer Friederike. Answers differed but we all agreed on the importance of localizing our pitch to fit the right market. In other words, adjusting the pitch to the culture. Knowing your audience and anticipating to it is fundamental for your pitch to have an impact. Breaking it down to the essentials will also contribute to a better pitch: make it simple, short and understandable.

As pitching is essentially about telling a story, make your story compelling, be enthusiastic and always have the following ready. As for the numbers… remember, as our trainer Alejandro pointed out, a pitch is not a business plan. Given the limited amount of time when picthing, use it wisely!

With all this in mind, we practiced and practiced… and practiced! Listening to their stories, their experiences and sharing feedback in a constructive and caring way made this training session memorable.

Friederike explaining key concepts

We’d like to finish  by sharing the feedback we received from one of the Migrapeneurs and by thanking our attendees, once again, for taking part in our training session. We’re already looking forward to the next one!


I would like to comment about yesterday’s session. Yesterday was one of the most valuable days with you. I was thinking all night, how can I improve my pitching skills, what points should I focus on, how can I reduce the fear and keep control? I am very thankful for all of you.” 



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