Migrapreneur TALK Berlin

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This event gathered special panelists : migrants entrepreneurs (“Migrapreneur”) and also professionals in entrepreneurship who are migrants themselves (“the runners”). Migrapreneur talk, in Alte Münze, aimed to give voice and an opportunity to feel empowered while our ME4Change Advanced Training is still running. Some facts : “Home-made” event at the Hub, simple (little budget), 35 participants, 3 panels, 13 speakers.

Panel I (the runners): talked about what it means to be an entrepreneur and a migrant entrepreneur. The difficulties such as laws, language, integration,… how the German culture is not about having an entrepreneurship mindset and they are “breaking the game”, bringing solutions and news ideas.


Panel II : two migrants who build their business already. They talked about how important it is to connect with the right people, having a German partner (not only assistant but really part of the business) can help with bureaucracy or all the cultural aspects that as migrant we are not aware of.

For example, Fadi saw his students from Damascus in Germany who used to be optimistic and willing being discouraged here by the German language barrier and bureaucracy. It’s a constant effort to reach the point of integration or even to just start working in Germany.

Panel III (the Migrapreneurs in the making): they talked about their current struggles as new comers and entrepreneurs. Building everything from scratch, have to connect/network with people, although they already had an established life back home. Edward highlighted the importance of having someone by his side prevent him from loosing hope – his wife. Having a business partner also helped to motivate each other. But in order to find a community, it has thanks to the ME4change programme that he felt a part of one. Particularly, ME4Change enabled Edward and his wife to share their struggle and made them realise that there are not alone. They were able to relate to other people’s journeys, even if they were not coming from same country, background or in the same field of business. And importantly help each other, challenge each other, finding a family


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