ME4Changers in action!

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On the 26th of June the “Italian Venture Capital and Startup” was held in Milan, at “Il Sole 24 Ore” headquarters.

On this occasion, many important players have met, such as: venture capital funds, incubators, corporate venture capital, institutions and entities.

Among the startuppers who applied and were selected to take part in the summit, there was also Kelly Chidi-Ogbonna, one of the participants of the ME4Change trainings in Milan.
Kelly is 33 years old, she’s currently living in Padua and arrived in Italy form Nigeria.

She’s really committed in the project’s training and sessions and is working hard to settle her career goals, since she has a clear idea about the business she wants to implement: she aims to give value to people talents and skills through a matching system, called a social media platform for talents and scout.

During the summit, she had the chance to present her idea, as shown in this brief pitch video

Kelly is developing this platform to offer a concrete window to young talented people, related mainly to sports and arts, thus helping talented people to be discovered through an easier and direct scouting phase.


Congratulations Kelly!

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