Entrepreneurship Training in Milan – First Impressions

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The intermediate ME4Change training in Milan began on 10th of April composed of 15 students: a lot of enthusiasm and curiosity was felt in the classroom!

Our trainer, Fabio Sagargli, started his lesson with some games in order to give the opportunity for everyone to get to know each other and to understand people’s background – their student’s life stories, their business ideas, their birthplace etc.

It is really interesting to understand how a picture that you choose to represent yourself can show other people some aspects that you are not aware of. This is just an example of role’s games, designed to create a true network and to expose our own skills, specially soft ones, useful in a teamwork.

The group is very varied with lots of women and particularly many South Americans, Moroccans and Egyptians. Many have had sons, are pregnant, attend university, and many have worked and lived in Italy for several years. In conclusion, there is a good multicultural group regarding different factors, which makes for an interesting session!

The advanced class began with our trainer Nicola some week later on 24th of April, which was more focused on business. The group is composed of people originating from different countries, mostly Cuba, South America and Central Africa.


Business Concepts

The main business ideas proposed in both the intermediate and advanced classes concern the gastronomic field, with the intention to bring original cultural dishes to Italy – which better country to understand the importance of food!

Many ideas focused on the female sphere of wellness and wellbeing with an opening of  a gym or the sale of health and wellness products. Several students focus themselves on the digital world, proposing apps and digital platforms addressing different issues, from animal care to talent scouting.

Training Approach

The lessons are, for the most part, structured in the following way:

  1. a theoretical explanation
  2. this is applied to the individual’s experience and their own business idea
  3. a final workshop moment of comparison and discussion between all the class divided in focused group. This ensures that each idea has the right time to be exposed and analysed by the others. It is always  important considering that the other people’s experiences can teach us something new.

And it is this workshop value that is at the foundation of our lessons, so the theoretical lessons do not limit the format to a standard classroom approach. Rather, everybody carries a part of his life experience in order to increase the shared value of the class. Also the trainer become student sometimes!

What was significantly noticeable was the strong relationship that has emerged between the trainees since the beginning of the sessions. Their availability to help each other, giving tips and ideas, are very important values for a project, which aims not only to share knowledge but also to create a support network.

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