Our third Inspirational Journey video is in production!

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Barun Bhasyal is a Nepalese, who moved to Finland more than a decade ago. During this time he has completed the computer science studies at University. Besides running his own software company, he inspires and helps others to succeed too.


“The world is full of opportunities if you just work hard, are willing to learn fast and seize the opportunity when it arises.”

Helping others

Code camps, inspiring pitches, on-the-job learning opportunities for other Nepalese – there is a long list of things he does to help the community, as he gladly shares his own experiences in various small and large events.

New ideas from own experience

His own company, Smartmobe is providing application development services for other businesses, but Barun also wanted to create something on his own.

A few months ago he realized that there is not a good way to communicate with the property managers and tenants in case of something broken down.

After the incident, he started to plan how to automize the process and now he is creating the first product for his company – and they already have a pilot customer to whom they develop it and the product creation is in full swing.

ME4Change project wishes lots of success for Barun’s new project. We need more people like that in Europe.



Keep tuned for the release of the third Inspirational Journey video!

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