ME4Change Entrepreneurship training in Berlin – first impressions

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The ME4Change training sessions in Berlin were launched by a Design Thinking workshop on Saturday 7th April! A diverse group of migrants joined us at the beautiful Migration Hub premises, originating all the way from Columbia to Iraq. Friederike Möller, a freelance consultant who is focused on combining data driven with user-centered innovation, led the workshop. We were also joined by our English to Arabic interpreter, Diana Atwani, who played a crucial role, helping to translate for three Syrian women.


The lead trainer for the Design Thinking session, Friederike Möller

The workshop was interactive with the agenda being as follows:

The principles and processes of Design Thinking workshops are centered around the user knowing best alongside a practical and interdisciplinary approach. Our trainees were able to directly approach complex problems, innovate collaboratively, and approach solutions with a human-focused business approach.

We were very glad to hear the feedback of the trainees at the end of the session, who shared their thoughts about how helpful implementing a user-targeted approach had been after the brainstorming on business ideas and concepts. Friederike stated in her introductory welcome speech that she hoped she could impart insight and knowledge to the migrants, but we were also grateful to the migrants for their openness and collaborativeness both in the smaller and larger groupings. The workshop was most certainly a jump-start process, where focus lay on implementation and know-how, rather than a message to reflect upon at home.

Some of the trainees standing alongside the trainers and MHN team at the end of a great, vibrant, interactive, insightful session!

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