ME4Change Entrepreneurship training in Finland – first impressions

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ME4Change -course training sessions started in Finland in 14th of March with a group of 15 migrants from all around the globe. The first group had participants from Russia, Hungary, Latvia, Iran, UK, Ukraine, Spain, Pakistan, Slovakia and Chile – so we can really call this as an international class.

Primary ideas are also very different, like decorative items webstore, mountain bike tours, youth hostel, rapid IT-help and restaurant finding service.  The range of the potential future entrepreneurs is fairly large and thus the assistance and guidance required vary a lot.

Getting to know you is the key

During the first weeks, we have spent some time finding out who the participants are and why they would be successful as entrepreneurs. This is a new aspect compared to many other training programmes and it seems that finding your own strengths and opportunities is crucial to the future success. When you are aware of your strong points it’s also easier to evaluate what kind of team you will need and the different roles in it.

Getting your hands dirty – first steps

From the very beginning, the trainers have repeated – “your idea is only as good as your actions – go talk about your idea to others, if they don’t understand – simplify and try again”.

Taking the first step is the beginning of the process and the second one is a lot easier.



Just like the participant Victoria, who finally said in her Instagram account that she is a professional painter and told what she does. Not just posting pictures but taking the first steps in your business. She met another person in the class that promised to create her official online presence for her – networking at its best.


Personalised mentoring could help


We also tried out personalised ad hoc-mentoring during the training. All the participants received 15 minute slot to discuss with trainers about the most pressing issues for their respective idea. This seemed to work well and we also updated the personal tasks to prepare for the next training.

Training is managed by JA Finland a project partner organization.

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