Sneak Peek Round 2: Our Trainers (IT)

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Here’s our follow up glimpse into more of our trainer’s profiles, this time focusing on Italy. Training has already begun in Belgium and Finland, and will be starting in Germany and Italy at the start of April! We hope you enjoyed our first introductory trainer’s video and will soon be releasing more.





Nicola Olivieri 

Nico runs a leadership coaching and training practice, focusing on supporting entrepreneurs to perform at their best regardless of circumstances and moods. He is a serial entrepreneur with business experience in different EU countries and industries (FMCG, service, retail, hospitality). He worked with NGOs, institutions, events and companies alike (Greenpeace, the Italian consulate, TEDx conference, are some examples). Most importantly: he failed a lot, and he’s not done yet!




 Francesco Quartuccio

Francesco Quartuccio is passionate about technology with a solid experience in creating new business. Graduated in nuclear engineering with an MBA from the MIP, he has held positions with increasing responsibilities in leading consulting firms and multinational companies. Moving from the creation of new commercial offices to global marketing manager position. Today, he is the marketing and sales manager for Xmetrics, a startup founded by himself and other 4 friends in 2014. Xmetrics was awarded in 2014 with the Marzotto prize, the most important award in Italy for a startup. He is also mentor for the YEP program and Impact Hub organization. During the free time he is fully dedicated to his family.



Arlo Canella 

Arlo is an Attorney at law and the Managing Partner of an independent law firm; he focuses his activity on advising entrepreneurs and professionals, with a specific attention on the protection of intellectual and industrial property assets, e.g. autorship rights, trademarks, commercial names and merchandising, advertising, domain names e cybersquatting, counterfeiting and passing-off, patents, know-how, trade secrets, technology transfer and licensing, information technology and tlc, software, database, design, industrial design, interior design, architectural design, web design, fashion design.




 Paola Pellini

Paola is an experienced Founder with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry, and a skilled Attorney at law, with specific focus on Corporate Law, Domestic and International Contract Law and European Law. She’s a strong entrepreneurship professional with a Master of Laws focused in Law&Economics from Università Commerciale ‘Luigi Bocconi’.


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