Mshikamano: Solidarity!

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Mshikamano, which means “solidarity” in Swahili, is an association of solidarity between migrants, asylum seekers and Italians, whose goal is to build solidarity jobs for a dignified life for all.


Local cuisine is their main project. Several times a week in the space Ri-Make (a social collective situated in the periphery of Milan, near Affori metro stop), Mshikamano organizes social lunches that can be consumed at the restaurant or as a take-away.

These lunches are sometimes typically Italian and sometimes from the migrant’s country. It is from this mixture of culture, food, and people that Mshikamano draws its strength and individuality!

Yet, this association does not only organize lunches. It is active throughout Italy, calling to action multicultural integration, through participation in anti-racism demonstrations and immigration & migrant legislation events.

This group of migrant and asylum seekers also focus on recycling, which highlights Mshikamano’s commitment to inclusion. Mshikamano collaborates with fair trade initiatives, such as FuoriMercato, to help them with various projects – for example the hand-made collection of bags created with recycled materials.

Because of their passions, values, and loyal belief in solidarity and integration, they are exemplary. In fact, they have already been protagonists in some radio programs and they have many other projects in mind, so we will definitely hear about them again!

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