Sneak Peek Round 1: Our Trainers (DE/FI)

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Training is starting within the next month in Berlin, Brussels, Helsinki, and Milan! We would like to start by sharing with you some of the professional profiles of our trainers – this time focussing on those from Finland and Germany, with Italy and Belgium coming up! Over the next few weeks, we will also introduce you to them on a more personal basis, as they will explain their hopes for ME4Change and reasons for joining us in short videos and interviews.




Hanna Smorodinzeff

Hanna is excellent in facilitating personal growth and empowering others. She can bring out the best in people and is truly passionate about it. As an active, open and social person who loves to interact with people she in truly engaging. Her expertise lies in human resources development processes, coaching and intercultural trainings.

Mikael Collan 

Mikael has a number of years of experience in consulting (business development, corporate control & information systems projects) and has worked in many projects of developing strategic management systems for the Finnish industry. In small companies side he manages a small real estate investment company and act as a board member in a number of SME companies.

Petri Katajarinne

Petri is an experienced Senior Advisor with a demonstrated history of working in the education management industry. Strong community and social services professional skilled in E-Learning, Coaching, Entrepreneurship, Lecturing, and Organizational Development. His prior experience as incubator manager, gives him a large network of support bodies and vast knowledge in managing different startups at their early stage.




Alejandro Reyes Alpízar

Alejandro has over 10 years of experience as a facilitator, NFE trainer and consultant for organisations, grassroot initiatives, individuals and entrepreneurs. His past experience includes WeTek Pfefferberg, AIESEC, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and ILISA in Costa Rica. Currently, he freelances as a consultant and coach at 180 Degrees Consulting, Berlin and he is the Project Manager for the Berlin branch of the social startup SPEAK.

Sebastian Wolf Siebzehnruebl

Sebastian has a history spanning back more than 20 years as a resourceful communication consultant, creating value by bridging creativity with business strategy and innovation. His career has witnessed engagement in Enterprise Computing, IT, Consultancy, FMCG, whilst he is currently certifying as a systemic organisational consultant. He has B2B and B2C experience in Europe (Paris, Milan and Madrid), the US and Latin America, leading cross-functional teams.



Friederike Moeller

Friederike is a freelance consultant focused on combining data-driven with user-centred innovation. She has experience in both corporate as well as institutional environments and has worked closely with tech startups across Europe. In addition, she volunteers for 180 Degrees Consulting Berlin, the largest pro-bono consultancy that connects students and young professionals with social organisations to increase their reach and impact.

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