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Coming up with a new idea is a great feeling. You'll feel powerful, inspired, full of energy and the world is open to you. You just need to deliver it to the market and everyone will be as thrilled as you are right now.


What's Next?

Ideas are great and the best ideas can change the world around you. But remember that ideas only matter when they are put into a practice. The world is full of great ideas that are hidden in a closet because the person didn't share them.

There is a saying that actions speak louder than words. Ideas are words, maybe even great words that still require that "someone" to turn the idea into the practice.

Can you be the "someone"? Yes, you can.


From Ideas to Action

The most important step from idea to action is to let other people know about your idea. Talk about it to your friends, family, work or schoolmates? See if they become interested? Post thoughts about your idea of social media and see if people will react?

Unless you really have some private and confidential knowledge, don't be afraid of someone stealing your idea. Most likely no-one could take it from you. The idea is usually part of a larger web of collaboration, networks, environment, place and time that are really hard to steal. For example, you want to create an advertising agency. The idea is not what to do (websites, brochures, and social media marketing), but rather how to do it, who will buy it and how to make this a business.


Most Ideas Are Not New

Most ideas (even good ones) are about improving something that's currently out there. Improvement can mean easier access, faster production, cheaper prices or better quality. In this case, you already know that your idea works somewhere in different settings. So what you need to do is to TEST if your idea works in the way you imagine.


How To Validate Your Idea?

When you though the idea we recommend you to test it in real life settings as soon as possible. You don't usually need a finished product, just something that will give a customer an IDEA and experience.

Example of customer testing of Coffee bicycle in Turku. https://www.facebook.com/kaffillari/ 


What's Next?

If your customers liked the idea (or product) then you have a proof that your idea could work and you can take the next steps to realize your idea even further. See how the Coffee bicycle looked after they got some wheels on it.


Getting Help

If all of this sounds confusing, then apply for the Entrepreneurship training that's provided by ME4Change. Stay tuned for training in the cities near you. We will help you to fine-tune your idea and make it happen.

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